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Visa Application Services:

We assist with counseling, documentation, submission of visa application and collection of passports with visa stamped for: France, Spain, Finland, Burundi, DRC, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mozambique, Morocco, Malaysia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Rwanda, Sudan, Sri Lanka, UAE, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe

The following countries insist that the applicant come in person for submission and interviews: Australia, China, Egypt, South Africa, Schengen, UK and USA. However, we assist with the counseling, documentation and appointments.

Visa Processing Guidance

Our forte lies in providing proper guidance and step-by-step method following so that the client gets the complete knowledge on visa processing. As Immigration experts, we aim to provide specialization in migration to foreign countries, advisory services and other immigration-related services in order to help the global community. We have made our niche market in the business by providing expert advices and immigration assistance for those aspiring to visit, settle, work or study in countries abroad.

Skilled Immigration Services

The General Skilled Migration visa is for is for professionals who are not sponsored by an employer and have skills in particular occupations required in a different country. It is the most common form of migration. There is a range of visa options for skilled people applying as an independent migrant as well as those sponsored by a relative, or nominated by a Company or Territory government. There are a variety of skilled migration options, let us help you smoothly.

The skilled people are assessed on the basis of AGE, OCCUPATION and language like ENGLISH. The applicant may also apply by giving the proof of their relative who is the native in the country, by issuing their proof ids and status. The skilled applicant also requires medicinal checks before the permanent residential visa is not approved. The skilled applicants have the legacy for permanent resident for specified no. of years and then can be a citizen of that country.

Dubai Visa Express

Get Dubai visa in minutes with us, only one day and you have Dubai visa, with our network of offices in Middle East, we have the capacity to provide you with excellent immigration services that are tailored-fit according to your situation. We can help you with skilled migration services, business immigration, student visa services, and second citizenship passports. Call us today and let's start working towards your dreams of living overseas.

Student Visa & Immigration Services

Student visa services with us is simple and hustle free. Immigration student visa educational opportunities are manifold in various countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Hong Kong, China and so forth which not only enrich you intellectually, but also provide with a qualifying prof. Immigration is our outstanding lifestyle and we are here to make it happen for you. We take care of one of the biggest stresses of achieving your goal, the immigration process. Our dedicated team of immigration advisors knows and understands that every person has individual situations, and so our focus is on you till the last minute.

How we can help you:

Visa Guidance in Every Step :We do ensure we guide you through every step in visa application.

Fill in Visa Application Form :We will help you fill all the required forms for successful application

Submit Visa Application :We will submit your visa application (to applicable Embassies).

Share Tips on Visa Application :We will regularly keep you updated on new visa application rules

Confirming details per Application Checklist :Before visa application submission, we will counter check as per the checklist

Tracking of Visa Application :We do Track on your visa processing.

How to apply for a VISA with us:

Simply email: visa@ircstaffing.com and our representatives will get in touch with you. Rest assured of absolute visa assistance without any hidden charges

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